Privacy Policy

The essentials:

Your information stays with us. We do not sell it, share it, or track you. Advertising is not part of our platform. Your information is solely used to operate this service. We don't employ site cookies; the closest thing to it is a transient authentication token to keep you signed in while using our webmail service.

Trust in Encryption

Throughout our 25+ years of operation, we've observed numerous services come and go, often boasting about their location as a selling point. Each and every one, however, found out that in one way or another, location is irrelevant. Major governments operate across jurisdictions through various means, even as evidenced by the CIA and German BND running a crypto firm in Switzerland until its discovery in 2022, using it for extensive surveillance. Location is not a determining factor, it's a marketing gimmick.

Furthermore, no Internet-connected service can guarantee immunity from compromise. Zero-day vulnerabilities are discovered daily in widely used platforms, necessitating frequent patch releases. We all (as in online services) prioritize security over uptime and will temporarily suspend services if we detect vulnerabilities before they're patched. We all diligently monitor security anomalies and perform daily patching, but none of us can guarantee immunity from compromise.

Given these uncertainties, what can you trust?

Zero Access encryption with PGP. You can't rely on location, you can't rely on guaranteed security, you can rely on very strong encryption. Our setup allows you full control over encryption, enabling you to easily and automatically PGP encrypt different incoming aliases with distinct public PGP keys, encrypt all mail with one distinct public PGP key, or use our PGP Encrypt filter action to use PGP encryption with any delivery filter you create. Encryption ensures the security of your mail, even in the event of a compromise. With us, your encryption isn't tied to your account, providing an added layer of security (you could let someone else log into your account and they would still be unable to read your PGP encrypted mail). Your choice, your keys, your mail.

We have a proven track record of over 25 years in providing privacy services, starting with Cotse.Net in 1997. Transparency has always been our policy, and we've consistently shown that we do not sell or share data. With us, your data remains yours.


Any service claiming to have no logs at all is either dishonest or unaware of their security status. Logs are essential for security, trouble-shooting, and addressing abuse. Balancing privacy with security, we retain standard system logs and reports for a rolling five-day period to monitor security anomalies and address abuse. After five days, these logs are deleted. While this practice ensures that your data in our logs (limited to IP address, date/time, browser user agent, and standard metadata, no content is ever logged) is transient, it also poses a risk in the event of a compromise, as we'd be blind to specific details beyond the past five days.