Easy, Private, Secure!

Our Features

Unlimited Aliases (subdomain)
 - Give a custom email address to every place that requests you give them one. Shut it off at any time without affecting any other mail.
 - Disable or enable catch-all
 - Disable or enable individual alias(es)
 - Both codamail.com and pnsh.com domains available
 - (there will be around 30 domains to use after we merge cotse.net into this service)

Unlimited Hosted Domains
 - Give out custom email addresses @yourdomain.tld
 - Unlimited aliases in your own domain(s)
 - All of your own domain aliases work with all features

At-Rest Encryption
 - All mail is AES-GCM-256 EC-prime256v1 encrypted, all headers included. All mail sent Codamail to Codamail is fully encrypted, headers and all. Outside mail is encrypted upon receipt, including all headers.
 - Some services tout this as a main selling point. However, because all of this is transparent to you, that means that you don't control your key, the server does because it needs the key to run. Use the Automatic PGP encryption with a locally stored private key for true zero access.

Automatic PGP Encryption for incoming mail
 - Zero-access encryption. Only you can read your PGP encrypted mail, even if you were to let someone else log into your account.
 - Auto-encrypt all incoming mail with one master public PGP key or
 - Only Auto-encrypt specific aliases with their public PGP keys and/or
 - Auto-encrypt with a filter action based on anything in the message with your choice of PGP key
    - An example could be a filter that auto-encrypts any mail where the subject line begins with the word Encrypt.
 - You have full control of your keys. Your keys, your mail.

E2EE with PGP
 - Communicate with others using PGP for end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only you and who you are communicating with can read these messages.
 - Sign or encrypt mail
 - Store your private keys on the server with a strong passphrase for ease or keep them on your local device for security
 - Mailvelope compatible or
 - Your own email client

Advanced Sieve Filtering Actions
 - PGPEncrypt
    - PGPencrypt is a filter action that you can use in any filter to PGP encrypt that email with your choice of public PGP key
 - Forwarding
 - Filter to folders
 - Modify headers
 - Set or remove flags
 - Discard or delete
 - Auto-replies
 - More

Useful tools
 - Available Two Factor TOTP Authentication
 - Import and export your email and keys
 - Anti-spam and Anti-Virus Tools
    - Easily block from addresses or domains (including just top level domains) at the connection level
    - Auto learning filters.
    - Ratings based filters
    - DNS based filters
    - Custom filters
 - Easy to configure Out of Office Autoreplies
 - Saved Responses
 - Archiving
 - and More.

imaps/pops/smtps available
 - Enable/Disable imap and/or pop access
    - Allow external mail apps (imap and pop do not support 2fa when enabled).
 - All services encrypted
 - All with Perfect Forward Secrecy
 - SMTP automatically removes identifying headers from your mail client

Webmail that adapts to computer, phone, or tablet
 - Different interfaces optimized for each of your devices
 - Protection from tracking pixels, remote images, and scripts
 - Built in XSS protection
 - Easy to use on any device
 - Long press, right click, and drag and drop functions
 - Requires Javascript, but it's strictly function and works fine with uBlock Origin
Auto-Retrieve email from other services
 - Keep your ip address private from the servers from which you fetch
 - Auto-encrypt it with your choice of public PGP key
 - Filter it into it's own folders
 - Leave or delete it after retrieval
 - All filters work on fetched mail
 - Reply from here using correct from address and sending via the retrieved services' smtp server
    - Ensures you are sending from the proper server, your ip address is kept private from the service, and your receiver cannot tell you are using this service, to them it looks like you are directly using the remote account

Test us using popular online tests
 - Click here for SSL Labs report
 - Click here to get a Hardenize.com report
    - (Our SMTP rate limits, which does affect the hardenize test, but does report as rate limited)
 - Click here to get a Blacklight report
 - Click here and enter mail.pnsh.com for an //email/testTo report

What we don't have:
 - Calendar, Proxies, VPN, or web hosting (see our Cotse.Net services for those, although the plan is to merge these two services.)
 - Cloud storage
 - A good website design (The service is more important than the static site design, we will get to it.)

Introductory Pricing:
(New subscribers: sign up now and keep this pricing, it will change)
(Existing Cotse.Net subscribers: Contact helpdesk for free access to this service)
Free Trial - 1 Month 1 Gig quota 15 sent msgs/day
$15/Yr - 1 Gig Mail Quota
$25/Yr - 2 Gig Mail Quota
$50/Yr - 5 Gig Mail Quota

Why us?

We have been doing this for over 25 years. Cotse began offering privacy services in 1997. This service is being designed as the next evolution of Cotse.Net. We offer solid unique features at very reasonable pricing. Our services won't go anywhere, we've been here for 25 years, and we will be around for decades to come. We have had offers to purchase us over the decades, yet we have remained independent. We don't track you, allow advertising, use cookies, or share any information. Your data is yours and when you delete it, it's really gone.

About Us

Packetderm, LLC is one of the oldest privacy services on the Internet with a long history of trust! We were also the first with subdomain unlimited user controlled aliasing with Cotse in 1997. We are the precursur to many services you now see who built upon things we started.
We now bring you codamail.com, the final refrain in e-mail control.

We've never used flashy gimmicks or false claims. We've always been completely transparent with our subscribers in what we offer. We have earned the respect of our customers and the industry. Our testimonials speak for themselves, including recommendations in respected privacy and security books. Our reliable services and exceptional support have earned us a loyal customer base on each of our services.
Try us out!