• Feb 28 - Added tests from SSL Labs, Hardenize, Blacklight, and //email/testTo reports to the top of our features list so you can see how we test and compare.
  • Feb 25 - DNS infrastructure has been upgraded in preparation for the merge with (more that this service will replace cotse due to design limitations with email on that service) .
  • Feb 17 - Added the ability to enable or disable imap and pop access. TOTP two factor authentication is not supported by regular mail protocols, so by default imap and pop access to your account is disabled. If you wish to use the protocols with your favorite e-mail client, please go to Settings - Enable/Disable POP/IMAP to turn them on for your account.
  • Feb 11 - Added the ability to block incoming email at the SMTP handshake level by either From address, From domain, or top level domain. See Settings - Block Addresses and Domains
  • Feb 9 - Renamed to CodaMail. Initial unannounced release. Added free trial and introductory pricing for new users who subscribe prior to the finished merge with Cotse.Net. All domains and addresses remained for use for both existing and new clients (the Cotse.Net merge will result in over 30 domains, all available for you to use).
  • Jan 28 - Added the ability to use a filter action to automatically PGP encrypt with your choice of public key in any filter you set up. This is in addition to the ability to automatically PGP encrypt incoming mail by either alias with individual PGP public keys or automatically PGP encrypt all incoming mail with one public PGP key. This should cover every possible way to give you full control over incoming mail PGP encryption for zero access. Your mail, your keys, your choice.
  • Jan 23 - Added TOTP two factor authentication
  • Oct 5 - Released for limited beta. The plan is to eventually merge Cotse.Net into this service.


Our Policies can be found here

For questions, please mail helpdesk or click the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Custom domain - You can use your own registered domain with us. Your own domains will work with our service, but will do so without your account name needing to be part of your e-mail address. You will have unlimited aliases of anything@yourdomain.tld, which you will have full control of with the ability to shut off any you gave out. To host a domain, or domains with us, please contact helpdesk with your account name and the registered domain name(s) so we can set our servers to accept mail for it/them and deliver it to your account. After set up, you'll receive an e-mail with the MX record to add for your domain(s).

Server Settings

Below are settings and instructions should you want to use your favorite mail app instead of our webmail.
(Note: POP and IMAP are both disabled per account by default. You must first go to Settings - Enable/Disable POP/IMAP in webmail and enable it to be able to use it)

  • POP3 - ports 110 and 995
  • IMAP - ports 143 and 993
  • SMTP - ports 25, 465, 587, or 2525
    Login for pop/imap and smtp is always just your username, not an email address.
    Password Auth
    TLS/SSL Required, plaintext connections are denied

Setup Instructions

  • Configuring E-Mail