• May 9 - Removed the requirement to manually set SMTP servers for created Identities, it now falls back to default SMTP server unless you set a custom server for the identity.
  • May 8 - Added some requested interface tweaks, including the block button in message view which provides a choice of ways to block by from address, subdomain, domain, and top level domain with the click of a button. All mail sent directly to codamail (including hosted domains) that matches a blocked entry will be rejected during the SMTP handshake as User Unknown. If mail is fetched from another service and matches an entry in your block list it will be delivered to the trash.
  • Apr 30 - Upgraded many of our features, see Settings.
  • Apr 20 - Added abilty to create custom catch-all masked aliases.
  • Mar 28 - Added masked aliases across all domains we offer. These are root level aliases that you get to pick.
  • Mar 6 - Added the ability to enter CIDR addresses to imap or pop enable so that you can restrict access to imap or pop to specific IPs or subnets.


Our Policies can be found here

For questions, please mail helpdesk or click the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Custom domain - You can use your own registered domain with us. You will have unlimited aliases of anything@yourdomain.tld, which you will have full control of with the ability to shut off any you gave out. To host a domain, or domains with us, please contact helpdesk with your account name and the registered domain name(s) so we can set our servers to accept mail for it/them and deliver it to your account. After set up, you'll receive an e-mail with the MX record to add for your domain(s).

Server Settings

Below are settings and instructions should you want to use your favorite mail app instead of our webmail.
(Note: POP and IMAP are both disabled per account by default. You must first go to Settings - Enable/Disable POP/IMAP in webmail and enable it to be able to use it)

  • POP3 - ports 110 and 995
  • IMAP - ports 143 and 993
  • SMTP - ports 25, 465, 587, or 2525
    Login for pop/imap and smtp is always just your username, not an email address.
    Password Auth
    TLS/SSL Required, plaintext connections are denied

Setup Instructions

  • Configuring E-Mail