Easy to use on any device

  • Our webmail works like an app, you don't need to install anything
  • Support for desktop, tablet, and phone
  • Protection from tracking pixels, remote images, and scripts
  • Built in XSS protection
  • Long press, right click, and drag and drop functions
  • It does use Javascript, but just like this droplist, it's strictly function and works fine with uBlock Origin.

Unlimited Aliases

  • Give a custom email address to every place that requests you give them one. Shut it off at any time without affecting any other mail.
  • Disable or enable catch-all
  • Disable or enable individual alias(es)
  • Disabled aliases are rejected during the SMTP handshake as User unknown

Masked Aliases

  • Masked aliases are other email addresses you can use to send and receive email.
  • Create root level aliases in any domain we offer.
    ie. anything@domain.com
  • Unlike subdomain aliases, these do not show your real account in any way.
  • Create up to 50 masked aliases.
  • We currently offer 3 different domains, but once the Cotse.Net merge is complete, there will be over 30 different domains available.
  • Current domains offered for masked aliases: behindthecurtain.com, inbox3.com, hideit.net.
  • Masked aliases work with all features.

Unlimited Hosted Domains

  • Host your own domain(s) with us, as many as you'd like
  • Unlimited aliases in your own domain(s)
  • Disable or enable catch-all
  • Disable or enable individual alias(es)
  • Disabled aliases are rejected during the SMTP handshake as User unknown
  • All of your own domain aliases work with all features

At-Rest Encryption

  • All mail is AES-GCM-256 encrypted prior to storage, all headers included. All mail sent Codamail to Codamail is fully encrypted. Outside mail is encrypted upon receipt. Mail is only decrypted when you read it. This is all transparent to you, no matter what e-mail client you use.
  • Note: The server holds the key for this, so it isn't zero access, see Zero Access Automatic PGP Encryption

Zero Access Auto-PGP Encryption

  • Zero-access via automatic PGP encryption is mail that only you can read. Even if you were to allow someone else to log into your account, they will not be able to read your PGP encrypted mail.
  • Auto-encrypt all incoming mail with one master public PGP key or
  • Only Auto-encrypt specific aliases with their own public PGP keys or
  • Auto-encrypt with a filter action based on anything in the message with your choice of PGP key
    • An example could be a filter that auto-encrypts any mail where the subject line begins with the word Encrypt.
  • Automatic PGP encryption is not tied to your account or login password, this means you can move your email anywhere still encrypted and read it elsewhere with your private key. Even your encrypted email is not tied to this service.
  • You have full control. Your choice, your keys, your mail.

E2EE with PGP

  • Communicate with others using PGP for end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only you and who you are communicating with can read these messages.
  • Sign or encrypt mail
  • Store your private keys on the server with a strong passphrase for ease or keep them on your local device for security
  • Mailvelope compatible or use your favorite email app

Fetch E-mail

  • Retrieve your email from any other service.
  • Reply as normal and our service will automatically select the proper from address.
  • Auto-encrypt it with your choice of public PGP key
  • Filter it into it's own folders
  • Leave or delete it after retrieval
  • All filters work on fetched mail
  • Automatically send via the retrieved services' smtp server for proper spf/dkim/dmarc
  • Your ip address is kept private from the service you retrieve and send through, and your receiver cannot tell you are using this service, to them it looks like you are directly using the remote account
  • Work with all of your mail accounts in one place.

Advanced Mail Filters

  • Anything you can think of that you might want to do with mail when it arrives, there is a way.
  • Forwarding
  • Filter to folders
  • Modify headers
  • Set or remove flags
  • Reject, discard, or delete
  • Set up auto-replies
  • Add PGP encryption with your choice of public PGP key to any filter

Antispam and Antivirus Tools

  • Easily block from addresses or domains (including just top level domains). Rejections occur during SMTP handshake.
  • Auto learning filters. Just by marking messages Junk you train your spam filters.
  • We give you full control of SpamAssassin, the number one open source antispam solution.
  • DNS based filters. Use popular DNS Block lists.
  • Custom filters. Create your own custom spam rules.
  • Antivirus by ClamAV, the number one open source antivirus package.

Additional Features

  • Available Two Factor TOTP Authentication
  • Support for spf, dkim, and dmarc
  • Easily import and export your email and keys
  • Easy to configure Out of Office Autoreplies
  • Save responses for quick replies.
  • Archive your mail by year or month.

Control imap and pop

  • Enable pop or imap for use with your favorite email app.
  • Restrict pop and/or imap access to specific IP addresses or CIDR subnets for added security.
  • All services encrypted
  • All with Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • SMTP automatically removes identifying headers from your mail client

Why us?

Privacy is our passion and we have decades of experience running a privacy e-mail service while ensuring high deliverability of our e-mail. For over 25 years, we've run Cotse.net as a passion project. During this time we have seen many services come and go. The old adage holds true, that time will tell about a service's commitment and longevity, with us it already has!

Our subscribers are like family to us, a level of connection you won't find with larger services hidden behind auto-replies, AI, and outsourced support. Your support requests are personally handled by us. Everyone involved, including Stephen Gielda, Packetderm's founder, actively participates in answering helpdesk requests. There's no better way for all hands to stay in touch with the pulse of our service.

About Us

Packetderm, LLC is one of the oldest privacy services on the Internet, boasting a long history of trust. We rose from the privacy and security usenet groups in the mid 1990's. Contributed to the mixmaster remailers. Pioneered subdomain unlimited user-controlled aliasing in 1997.

When we began Cotse privacy services in 1999, we created an entirely new way for our subscribers to think about their email, one that has not only stood the test of time, but it is now expected that services offer the aliasing capabilities that we had back in 1997. We now bring you CodaMail, this is Cotse updated for 2024 and the plan is to merge Cotse with all of it's services and domains into this service.

Through it all, we have remained independent. We are accountable only to our subscribers. There are no investors calling the shots, advertising is not a part of our service, we never sell any data, and we don't need partnerships. Your subscription is all that supports this service and that means we only answer to you.